1. Students will be expected to exhibit courtesy, respect, and general good manners at all times.

2. Students are expected to greet any adult in the school and to be helpful and courteous.

3. Students are expected to address adults using Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.

4. Students are also expected to say, “please, thank you, yes ma’am, no ma’am, no sir, yes sir” to adults.

5. Students will show respect for our country and our symbols through participation in various activities.

6. Students are also expected to show support and respect for their teachers, classmates, and school.

7. Students shall be allowed to possess a cell phone on school campus; however cell phones are to be turned off at all times and not displayed in any form (pursuant to the cell phone policy in district handbook).

  • First offense, cell phone will be confiscated and turned in to principal. Principal will contact parent to pick up phone.

  • Second offense, cell phone will be confiscated and turned in to principal. Parent will be contacted, but the cell phone will remain in the possession of the school until the end of the semester.

  • Third (or more) offense, cell phone will be confiscated and turned in to principal. Parent will be contacted, cell phone will remain in the possession of the school until the end of the year, and student will be subject to disciplinary action by the school (i.e. loss of privileges or suspensions).

8. It is not recommended for female students to bring a purse to school. If a purse becomes necessary, it is to remain in the student's backpack, so as not to become a distraction to the school environment.


PBIS is our Positive Behavior System. Through this program, students are taught the school expectations, and they are expected to follow them everyday at RES. If the students follow these guidelines by demonstrating that they are a ROAR student (Responsible, Organized, Attentive, & Respectful), then they are invited to a ROAR reward. There are five ROAR Reward events throughout the year.


Every student at Ruston Elementary is entitled to a safe and secure school environment in which to learn and grow. The school’s discipline code was developed to ensure such an environment and to protect the rights of each individual student. In order to protect and secure these rights, the school must have rules and regulations, which are followed by all students.

All students will be held accountable for their behavior on the campus and to and from school. Every staff member is responsible for the control and conduct of our students while they are under the supervision of the school. Every student who is asked by a staff member to cease an unacceptable behavior will be expected to do so immediately. This will be done without uncivil reply in word, attitude, or action from the student. Students who display inappropriate behavior will receive corrective disciplinary action.


Excessive talking in class, not paying attention, arguing with class members, out of seat without permission, chewing gum, agenda not signed for three consecutive days, rough housing/ horse-playing, not following directions, name calling (non-injurious, non-racial, non-sexual), out of uniform (belt infractions, shoe, or other accessory infractions), willful refusal to participate or follow directions, disrespect to adult (lip smacking, eye rolling, talking back, etc.), showing up for class empty-handed, non-participation in group activities, loss of agenda.


Verbal threats of violence, nonaggressive physical contact, disrespectful to adult (talking back in an argumentative manner, cursing, hitting, slamming doors or books, etc.)


Aggressive physical contact (fighting, hitting), encouraging others to fight, leaving school grounds without permission, obscene behavior (touching, sexual gestures, etc.), verbal profanity with adult witness, sexual harassment (verbal or physical), possessing weapons, vandalism of school property, theft of school property, injurious to self or others, using or possessing drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, physical threats of violence to an adult, name calling of a racial or sexual nature witnessed by an adult, physical public displays of affection, urinating on the playground